I go to Kensington Woods High School, a small charter school in Lakeland, Michigan. I love school, but at Kensington, we don’t have many of classes other schools have, including shop class.

I first heard about Bendix Academy from a school counselor. I was curious, so I went to their workshop for a tour. The next think I knew I was learning to properly use a saw then design things in CAD!

Even if my school did have shop class, it wouldn’t be anything like Bendix. I also don’t have grandfathers who mentored me or anyone at home to take me to the garage and teach me how to take apart an engine, fix my bike, or do electrical work.

Today I am part of Bendix Academy and I am learning all these things – things no other kids learn at my school. Things like how to run a hydraulic press, lay a welding bead, and fabricate airplane wings.

I’m able to participate at Bendix thanks to a scholarship. I’m from a big family – the middle of seven kids – and sometimes money is limited. Scholarship support from generous people have allowed me to attend, learn, and expand my horizons.

Bendix is giving me an equal standing in a male dominated arena and is giving me a foundation that will empower me to rise to the top in my field. I am expanding my horizons because of people who donate and make my participation here possible.

Bendix changed my life. Without Bendix, it would have never occurred to me to pursue a career in manufacturing. And the financial support provided made my education here possible. Support Bendix and you’ll support untapping young talent and potential and help empower more teens like me find their futures!

– Zelie, Bendix student

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