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See the VISION

Explore the PLAN

Roll out the BLUEPRINT

Meet the TEAM

The Vision.
The Plan.

Imagine a place that encourages kids to put down their phones and instead pick up tools.

Imagine a place where generations explore, teach, and learn the mechanical world together.

Imagine a place where new career paths are discovered and futures grow even brighter.


Bendix Academy is an intergenerational workshop and learning center where people unite to explore, teach, and learn the mechanical world together.

Using a mentor model, we give kids invaluable opportunities to forge strong career paths and futures.

Become a Student

I discovered I am very good with tools and mechanical things. I’m so thankful for what my Bendix mentors taught me.

-Nolan, Student



There’s is a massive skilled labor shortage in the U.S.

Today, only one new skilled trades worker is entering the trades for every five who retire.

It’s estimated that in the next decade, 2.5 million jobs will go unfilled because of the growing skills gap crisis.

At Bendix, we’re getting kids to put down their phones and instead pick up tools to learn the art of toolmanship.

Linked with skilled mentors, we tie generations together to explore, teach, and learn the mechanical world.

We’re building healthy tomorrows – for countless kids and for businesses, economies, and our country as well.

We must take action now.

I love sharing my love of mechanical knowledge just like my father did with me when I was young.

-Mr. Trainor, Mentor


Become a Mentor

Our blueprint is simple.

Put tools in kids’ hands and you build ambition.

Pair them with a mentor and you build true talent.

Put down the phone and you build new possibilities.

Give kids opportunities and you build new futures.

The Blueprint.

● Adjustable Wrench ● Aircraft hand shear ● Allen Wrenches ● Alligator clips ● Aluminum Wrench ● Arbor Press ● Aviation Sheet Metal Snips ● Awl ● Axes ● Ball Peen Hammer ● Bandy clamp ● Bench Vises ● Block & Tackle ● Bolt & Nut Extractors ● Bolt Cutters ● Borescope ● Bottle Jack ● Box end wrench ● Brace Drill ● Bricklayer Tools ● Bronze Wrench ● Cabinet Scrappers ● Cable Cutters ● Carpenter’s Pencil ● Caulk Gun ● C‐clamp ● C‐clamp as a small press. ● Center Punch ● Chalk line ● Channel Lock Pliers ● Claw Hammer ● Cleco clamps ● Cleco Pliers ● Cold Chisels ● Combo Wrenchess ● Come‐along cable hoist ● Compass Saw ● Concete Screeds & Floats ● Concete Trowels & Rakes ● Coping Saw ● Corner clamp ● Crows Foot ● Dead blow hammer ● Deburring Tools ● Dental Tools and picks ● Dimpling Tools & Dies ● Drifts ● Drill Press & Machine Vises ● Drywall Knife ● Drywall Mud Pan ● Drywall Sanding Pole ● Drywall Sanding Sponge ● Easy out ● Edge Forming Tools ● Electric Magnet Clamps ● End Nippers ● F‐Clamp ● Flaring Tools ● Flat Blade Screwdrivers ● Floor Jack ● Flush Cut Saw ● Flush Cutters ● Fluting Plies ● Flywheel Pullers ● Frame Clamps ● Framing Hammer ● Gooseneck Wrecking Bar ● Grease Guns ● Hack saw ● Hand Winches ● Hole Deburs ● Hole Punch ● Hose Cutters ● Hydraulic hand pump. ● Hydraulic jacks ● Impact Screwdriver ● Jack Stands ● Jacks That Come With Cars

Meet Team Bendix




Making Headlines


Senator Theis visits Bendix

State Senator Lana Theis visited the Bendix Academy to learn about our unique Toolmanship Mentorship program. She talked with mentors, students, parents, and Academy Director, Todd Trainor.