I remember the workbench in our basement my dad had filled with tools. I loved using every one of them. Over summer vacations, I’d build model planes, rebuild my bike, and fix vacuums and lawnmowers. Back then, too, schools had woodshop, metal shop, and auto shop. Some even had electrical classes. All this led me to fulfilling 40-year career in automotive electronics industry. 

 Today many of those basement and garage workshops – and those valuable school classes – are all but gone. 

 Thankfully, Bendix Academy is here to give kids an important introduction to tools and equipment and their use and mechanical and electrical principles. Here I get to see students experience the pride of completing projects by their own hands like I did when I was a kid. At Bendix Academy, we are empowering our youth for today. And we are planting seeds for their futures! 

 –David Stoscup, Bendix Academy Mentor 

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