Mechanic’s Toolbox Make and Take Project

Following Instructions.

Students make their own mechanic’s toolbox.  Retired mechanics and tradesmen enjoy teaching these students how to read instructions and follow steps to assemble an aluminum toolbox. Our students earn skills in drilling, deburring, riveting, measuring, accuracy, discipline and final fit.  The students keep their toolbox as token and memory of the enjoyable lesson they receive from their experienced mentor. 

Exploring the art and skill of shaping aluminum

Metal Forming.
Bowl Making.

Our students learn to make an aluminum bowl using a wooden mallet, shot bag, English wheel and a polisher. Students begin with a flat piece of 3003 aluminum. Mentors guide students to shear it into a disc, pound it into a rough shape with a mallet, smooth out its surface with the English wheel, and polish it into a shiny new salad or cereal bowl. Students keep the bowls they create.